Writer’s Block

This morning I told Scott that I think it’s time that he learned to update the blog. He said “No problem. I’ll start blogging right after I teach you to drive!”

 So here I am, with writer’s block trying to think of something exciting to share…but reality is that we have grocery shopping, laundry, cooking and cleaning to do, just like we would if we were home. Our last 24 hours have been filled with all of those basics plus an RV wash, a haircut for Tyler and schooling.


Amber's 55mph Science Test

Today we are on the move again; just one day and one town closer to Portland Oregon, where we pick up Hilary. Each, one of us misses her for different reasons. She is often my right hand man and my favorite shopping partner. She loves to help her dad out with things like loading the car, and directing him as he backs up to the trailer, and she is more than capable…Amber said, “I can’t wait to have here to ride bikes with and do “girl stuff” like paint our nails.”

Ty Lego GuyTyler is much too busy at the moment building Lego ships to think about it. But he’d love it if she were here to be his audience for the explanation of what he’s constructed today. “The master blaster is under this secret compartment… you have to flip this up and then the control panel… and wait until you see what happens when you push the power eject button…”

Hilary will be packing her bags soon…we’ve reserved two small drawers, one third of a closet and one cupboard (more than anyone else!) and we will be adjusting to life with a fifth person in our one bedroom home on wheels. Having us all under on roof (no matter what size) and this time that we have together, is not something I’d trade for anything!

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