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…where to begin? First, I’d better warn you that I am not one of those women who needs to get in 10,000 words a day. In fact I’d much rather listen than speak, but give me writing assignment and look out! Read beyond this point at your own risk…

We are an adventurous family of five that has been planning this trip for two years. I am a teacher by trade, who married a trucker turned businessman. We have three beautiful and amazing children (and YES, I am biased!) who have brought us more joy than we ever thought possible.Horse Camp We bought our first boat in 1998 and it did not take me long at all to realize that my straight laced, all business, all the time husband, started to relax when we were on the water. From short ventures in Lake Charlevoix to long trips to the North Channel our love of boating, exploring, spending time together and seeing God’s amazing creation has grown.

There were a number of places and people that influenced me to finally give in to the realization that we could make this trip happen. The first was a conversation with my two Administrator’s, Kim and Rick at school. Rick asked me “Where would you like to be in 20 years?” My answer, “Traveling the world by boat with my husband.” Kim’s response “Angie, you’re a teacher, don’t wait that long. Take your kids and go.” Fast forward just a year later…while anchored in Bear Drop Harbor, The North Channel (Canadian waters — the most beautiful place I have been so far) we meet some wonderful new friends David, Ellen, and Amy who have traveled all over, to Alaska, the Carribean…in their 57′ Tolleycraft appropriately named “Journey”. As we talk with them about family and traveling I realize, with a boat like this (not necessarily new, but set up well for a family to travel) I would go anywhere.On an adventure with "Journey" friends

A short time later, while reading the Sunday paper, Scott learned of a local couple, Jim and Lisa Favors, who were doing the “Loop,” something we had hoped to do one day. Scott e-mailed them, and ended up following them for 10 months via their “blog.” Great Loop “America’s Great Loop,” is a boat trip circumnavigating 1/2 of our country – from Lake Michigan you would travel to Chicago, down the river system (Illinois, Mississippi) into the Gulf of Mexico, around Florida and North on the ICW (intra-coastal waterway), through the Chesapeake, Hudson, Erie Canal…back through the Great Lakes. When they returned to Charlevoix we had our chance to meet Jim and Lisa. Our (now) good friends are doing the “Loop” for the second time.

Fast forward…Labor day weekend, 2007, a conversation with a cousin, and fellow teacher, talking of plans, kids, future goals…and I heard those same words, “Angie, you’re a teacher, take your kids and go.” Okay…I’ve heard this, thought of this, felt this, too many times (and never mentioned it to Scott). Is someone trying to tell me something here? I honestly, don’t believe in coincidence, luck or fate…I keep it to myself for 3 hours. Could I walk away from a job, school, church, family, security, and so many people I love, to go on an adventure with the most important people God has gifted me? Absolutely!

On the ride home I shared it with Scott…he said nothing, and I left him to his thoughts. The next day I called him at work, “Have you thought about what I said, about taking our kids and doing the trip?” His response,”I’ve not been able to thing about anything else!”

Time to stop dreaming and start planning…This was two years ago. Today we have saved up, paid ahead, semi-retired (me), talked to our kids (many, many, many times), made some major changes, made arrangements…and we are doing it. Life is short, life is a gift, live every day.

Hilary, our oldest, is the most excited of all our children. This is completely unexpected on my part. I thought a 15 year old would be mad at us for taking her away from school, from her peers for 7 to 8 months. “I want to learn to surf, and don’t bring me home before June!” Our plan was to leave after Cross Country season…our long legged beauty was truly born to run…her goal is to make it to the state meet, (as a sophmore) this year, which could extend into November…leaving us with the possibility of traveling in snow. We will kiss her good-bye and leave in the motorhome without her. She will finish the season, then fly out to meet us.0905070001

Our youngest is probably the least excited. “I don’t want to swim where there are sharks” Tyler says. But a promise to Lego-land, the chance to see a real desert, mountain and canyon, and watching the space shuttle take off has erased all fears. He is hungry to learn, to see, to experience, as long as he won’t get hurt. He continually amazes us.

2007_0130Spring-Break0040Amber, our middle child and tender-heart, is our horse and animal lover. “If we didn’t take this trip, couldn’t we just buy a horse now?” Well, yes, but we would miss out on rounding up the cattle on horseback in California, and Assateague Island on the east coast, where the wild horses still roam free. “I’m in!”

There will be no boat for this adventure. In fact, this is the first summer in 11 years that we are boat-less…well almost.DSC00514 We have a 15′ dinghy and I must say, every time we go for a ride we make memories…and sometimes bruises that last a few weeks! We are also happy that our trusty captain still has two feet after pushing us off the beach against wind and Lake Michigan waves and saying “GO!” while hanging off the back. DSC00354
During this summer we have some wonderful family and friends that have taken pity on us and invited us aboard or given us the keys and said “Use it anytime!” This boat, captained by Dawson and Joan Way did “The Loop” twenty years ago, before they had, GPS, and Google Earth.

For this grand adventure we have a rented motorhome, Pepper our cat, each other…and a plan for our children to see, experience and learn about so much more than they could sitting in a classroom.

They truly have no idea what they are in for…the adventure of a lifetime. I thank God everyday, for these and for this.

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