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lighthouse While most pages of this blog will have the comments turned off, this one is for you. We would love to know who is “traveling” with us. Feel free to leave your name/comment here.

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  1. I saw you visited my blog ( the other day and commented about grace. I love that word, too. And, yes, I think we would get along! Blessings on your next adventure in life!

  2. Lol what a wonderful trip. I’d like to personally invite you to Alaska. I make a great tour guide of the Interior!

  3. Thank you for sharing your incredible adventure with us! This blog was AMAZING!! Your last entry brought tears to my eyes, what an inspiring message!
    Welcome home 🙂

  4. Good morning, Kids. We are SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO ready for you all to come home. I know your journey was wonderful, but we missed you very much !Love ya, Mom and Dad

  5. Ha Denny is so funny. I think he just wanted a mention on The Big Adventure.
    Scott, Angie, Hilary, Amber and Ty Guy,
    Hope you are enjoying your last days in Florida. I’m thinking of you as spring break just started and reminiscing of fun times around the pools and along the shores on Hutchinson Island! Off to Texas tomorrow where the weather is suppose to be in the low 80s and a pool is in the backyard! See you guys soon!
    Oh Angie, Kindergarten round up is April 20, will you be home by then?

  6. So thankful that we were able to be a part of your adventure!! We had a wonderful time with you in Florida, thanks for everything… Now can’t wait to have you back home, you are missed. Love you all so much.

  7. Hi So, March is almost over – when are you coming home? Thanks so much for letting us “travel” with the Way family. It has been quite an adventure!!! Will surely love to see yu once again! Love and prayers, Floyd and Kathy

  8. Didn’t see anything on the visitors after Mom and Dad. Huh. Guess it didn’t go as well as we hoped!

    Enjoy the warm sun.

  9. It’s been a while since I’ve checked out your adventure. Sounds like you are having a wonderful time…STILL!! Did you hear, 3/4 is doing the play “The Electric Sunshine Man” and Laney is Thomas Edison in her class? Your adventure to the winter homes of TE and HF reminded me. We should have them look at your pictures on the Promethium Board. Miss you Angie. So glad you all are having such fun!

  10. Hi – Finally back on line. Hey, come home – March came in like a lamb. Have had some great springtime weather here lately. Of course, you know northern Michigan, so we guess you had better stay in Florida for a while more. Even if we miss all of you SO very much!!! When my oldest son, Jason lived in Fort Meyers, he and I became “tourists” for a day and saw Henry Ford and Thamas Edison s homes!! Were the sausage trees still there? Jason and I really enjoyed ourselves that day!!

    COME HOME!!! Love, Floyd and Kathy

  11. FYI nothing showed up when I scrolled my mouse over the pictures.?? Looks like you are still having fun and so you know, Amber in flip flops didn’t go unnoticed in my house…Boots to school today:(

  12. I love the fishy part of your trip the most! Most of all I loved it Tyler when you tried to “catch” your sister in the tree! I thought the Sheephead fish was pretty funny looking! Miss you a lot!!

  13. Hi to all the Ways, Miss you all like crazy – but, you are better off being in Florida as our January thaw is over. Tonight might bring rain, freezing rain and all of that is suppose to turn to snow. Tyler, sorry, no fishing at the moment. Love and prayers to all – Floyd and Kathy

  14. That’s my Ty Guy !!Grandma would vote for a “late pregnancy” too!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! But that might be a problem for Daddy!! All is well here and miss you. Hope to see you soon in sunny Fla.

  15. Hi family,
    Looks like a wonderful place you’ve found down there in Sunny Florida. We miss you all and look forward to touching base with you again soon!

  16. Ahhh, Florida, Grandma Price’s cookies, boys looking for things on the beach, fun fun fun… Keep having fun!

  17. You are so blessed to have seen and enjoyed so much of God’s creation. Isn’t He good? I just had a nice long talk with your Mom (Theresa) and am looking forward to being with her (down the street & around the corner) for February and March. I’m sure we will see you folks more than once during that time. God has and will continue to bless you all. Margaret

  18. Hi – If you are feeling cold you know you can come home!!! Just kidding!! Enjoy and but, come home soon – we miss all of you!!! Love and prayers, Floyd and Kathy

  19. Angie, you made my day! You brought a smile to my face seeing a picture of you behind the wheel. Way to go! Scott, I have to say I’m a little disappointed in your blog entry. Angie has set a high standard which we expect to continue with you. When you arrive in Florida, could you please send some sunshine our way.

  20. Hi – I guess your time at home could be called a bittersweet time, but, it was SO good to see all of you!!! Plus, I received my Christmas hug from Scott. Enjoy, enjoy – God has so richly blessed this land. As Dawson would say, Praise the Lord and carry on. We sent our love and prayers, Floyd and Kathy.

  21. I am so proud of you Angie.. There is nothing to it.. Just don’t let him talk you into backing up.

    Scott, she set the bar pretty high.. We expect the great updates we have been recieving, complete with photos!

    It was great to see you guys! Enjoy this leg of the trip.

  22. You look like a real “trucker” Ang !!!!!!!!!Glad you’re almost there. It is sooooooooo cold here. Love and miss you already!Mom and Dad

  23. Angie – you don’t look nearly as scared as that newbie driver in August did! Enjoy this second leg of the journey. Have a great winter in the south and make sure to head northeast in the spring. Sam will be waiting to show Tyler everything fun to do up here.

    Hugs to all of you.

  24. Sorry it has taken us awhile to write! We enjoy reading about your adventures. Glad to hear you were home for the holidays. Happy New Year!
    Love, The Wilcox Family (Dan, Joelle, Sam, Evie, Annabel)

  25. Wait a minute…is that Scott Way in HIGH HEALS???? WAY too funny!!!!

  26. Hi – Thanks so much for all the GREAT pictures. You certainly are having the adventure of a lifetime!!! I am a bit sad though – just miss you all very much!!! Hopefully our paths will cross when you are HOME for the holidays. Between the 17th through the 20th of December we will be in southern Indiana. That is unless we have another snowstorm!!!

    Take care and please drive carefully. You are in our prayers. Love, Floyd and Kathy

  27. Snow, snow, snow and more snow, are you ready to come home? My car’s parked at the bottom of the drive for the first time ever, just can’t get it up the hill. Is there anything I can do to help your return go smoothly? Honestly, let me know how I can help.

  28. miss you a bunch amber

  29. Looks like you guys are having a ton of fun! We like the pictures! Have a great trip!

  30. Way family, move that bus!!!!…… and drive it right on back home to,. the rest of your family:) NOt really, it’s quite obvious you all are doing just fine without us, the pictures, videos and “cowboys & cowgirls” are positively awesome. I can only imagine the memories you all have made on this adventure, all is well here, lots of snow, mom is very ready for the florida sun shine. Miss and love you all.Cindy p.s. Ang do not “grade” this note:)

  31. I love the picture of the girls “holding fingers”. So cute!!!! You are missing a big snow storm here. Dad has been plowing snow off and on most of the day. By tonight they said we would have about 12 inches since it started yesterday! But we are warm and cozy inside, so we are not suffering!! Miss you and can’t wait til you get home and share all of your stories. Love ya, Mom and Dad too

  32. Hi how is thanksgiving my cousins from cali are here have fun. Miss you Amber

  33. Have a wonderful and safe Thanksgiving. I am thankful that you are taking us along with you on this fantastic trip!!! Enjoy, Enjoy!!! Love and prayers, Floyd and Kathy

  34. I hope you have a great Thanksgiving. Dave Green and Penny Day were in town today. They send their very best to you. We saw Denny at the bank and had a very nice visit with him. Be well ….


  35. Hi Angie and family! Todd and I have had a goal to do exactly what you are doing. Thanks for the inspiring photos and info. I think it’s awesome! Your kids are learning soooo much! They will always thank you for these experiences. They are priceless!
    Love, Christi Petersen and family

  36. Happy Thanksgiving everyone! No snow in Michigan yet…it’s suppose to come soon though! Enjoy Cali and keep us posted! 🙂

  37. Hi to the Ways – Thanks so much for all the photos – loved the one of Angie and Scott in the sunset. It made us miss you all the more!!!
    Scott – thanks for the hug ( via your Mom) last Sunday. Take good care of each other and enjoy the time together. Love and prayers, Floyd and Kathy


  39. Wow you guys rock!! looks like you are having great fun. We miss you guys and look forward to seeing you again.
    Our prayers are with you all the time.

  40. Good morning to my kids. Wow! We loved the pictures of the giant trees. I’m sure they are really much bigger than we can see in pictures. We are missing you here, but it’s been almost a month, which means you’ll be home before long.Love and hugs to everyone!!!!Mom and Dad

  41. Hi Scott and Angie and family, Gary and I are following your family as we follow Jim and Lisa on the loop. It looks like you are having an adventure of a lifetime! From, the Ziegler’s, Charlevoix City marina, “B” dock.

  42. Scott!

    Just talked to you and learned of your WAY cool adventure! I am so happy for you and your family to follow your dream and make this happen! I can’t wait to sit down and peruse your entire site!

    May the Lord keep you safe in your travels and family close in your heart!

    Carol McCoy
    M&K Quality Trucks

  43. Hi all – this is so kewl!! I found out about your travels so I wanted to watch too. What a great idea and what fun for you.

    God bless, Pat

  44. finally figured out how to find your blog? think i was here before but didn’t realize it was you .
    Love the pictures and the video, Sounds all wonderfull, been to some of the same places. I am so happy you are taking the time to enjoy God’s creation. And to do this with your kids. What a Blessing.
    Miss seeing you all at church. Althought it’s been 90 in the santuary. Just kidding about the heat.
    Continue to enjoy the journey, Been to any happening churches?

  45. Hi everyone! I am so excited to finally sit down and look at your web site. What wonderful pictures and what an exciting time you must be having. Grace and I want to come too! Angie, I miss you so much, by the time you get home at Christmas my “hook” is going to weigh a ton. HA I am still walking but it just isn’t the same without you! Miss you all, Keep up with the great pictures and videos. Love, Jill

  46. Hi to you, my dear kids. I heard from my computer guy today, and he’s sure the problem with my web-cam is because I don’t have enough power to run it. It works fine at his house in town. Do you want to give it to someone else or shall I take it back to Radio Shack? So sorry it doesn’t work after all this!!Otherwise, we are fine. I’ve had Steph here all day, as she had her wisdom teeth out yesterday. Ben wanted to come along, so he played with Grandpa. Steph is doing really well. Miss you all, but looks like you are having a wonderful time!!Pictures are great. Love from Us!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  47. We are sitting in seminar and wishing we were with you! It looks beautiful and sooo fun!

    We miss you Hilary 😀
    Have tons of fun!

    Annie, Sarah, and Stirling

  48. I miss you guys so much! Amber! Your perm is so cute! I’m so excited to see you at the Winter dance! Love you lots

  49. Hello my friends!
    It brought tears to my eyes when I saw a picture of THREE Way children. How nice it must have been to have Hilary back with you. Family is so precious!
    I have a friend who lives in Gig Harbor. I’ve never seen pictures though. Your photos are wonderful so keep posting them. Ty Guy, isn’t the “real live Pacific Ocean” awesome?
    This morning I got to sleep in a bit. I have conferences this afternoon. Are you going to miss them Angie? You should see the new report card I made, it looks good!
    Enjoy your travels!

  50. Hi to all the Ways – SO glad that Hilary has been able to join you and see all the wonderous sights that you are seeing – (together).

    Take good care of each other and know we miss you all very much!

    Love and prayers, Floyd and Kathy

  51. I miss you Amber!!!! I hope you have an awesome time on your trip! : D

  52. Hi Ways!
    I just love your video of the Pacific Ocean! It reminded me of my trip to Washington this summer. I spent a day at the beach near Forks (that’s where the author of Twilight is from). If you get the opportunity, find some tide pools to look at! If you walk around and look in the pools, you’ll find crabs, starfish, purple urchins, etc. to look at! You can find all sorts of great critters examine. Just make sure that you check the tide schedule before heading too far out! If you head to Olympic National Park and need any advice, my friend lives right in the park and I can email you her phone number! Have a fabulous time!!!

  53. Hi Ways – Angie, I know exactly how you feel when I see God’s handiwork!!! It takes my breathe away!!!! Alaska is a BEAUTIFUL state ( just too far away from home), the mountains, streams and valleys!!!! Enjoy, enjoy!!! Love and prayers, Floyd and Kathy

  54. Hey, Ways!!
    I’ve been intently reading up on all your adventures!! Looks like your having an awesome time!

    Amber, I thought that was so cool that you were able to teach Pepper those tricks! You’ll have to post a video for sure. I bet it was nice to connect with your friends even if you still had to do school work 😛 Have lots of fun! 🙂

    Tyler Samuel Way, hey man!! I miss you soo much… hope you are having fun on the road. What’s it like sleeping on a bed when your driving down the road? You will have to tell me all about it. We all miss having Tyler there to give us the low down on all his recent discoveries at home and his warm hugs and beautiful smile. I love ya Ty guy!!

    Mr. Way, I must say you looked very relaxed in your “on the road office.” Im glad you are able to enjoy your trip and get work done.

    Mrs. Way, Ohh how much you are missed each and every day at Concord!!! Even if you were in Charlevoix and not Boise… 😦

    It is always great hearing from you and I find myself frequently asking my mom, “Have you checked on the Ways lately? They just posted this awesome adventure…”

    I miss you guys soooo much!! Hugs all around!! 😀
    – Mikayla Whitcomb

  55. We visited the Boise zoo a few years back when Shannon had his operation there. Did you see the Govenors mansion on the hill overlooking Boise? On your way west stop in Pendelton, OR and go to the Pendelton store where they have really good deals on Pendelton stuff. Dawson, Joanne, Nancy and I spent a day near Hood River and saw them fishing for sturgeon in the Columbia River near one of the dams a few years ago. Have fun, Denny and Nancy

  56. Good morning, kids!!I’ve been wondering how Pepper was doing. Glad to read your up-date. So cool that he has learned the “dog” tricks!!!If anyone can do it, Amber could!!!It looks like a beautiful day here, sunny and about 54 degrees. Tomorrow will be about the same. Have a great day. Love ya bunches!!!Mom

  57. Hi Tyler,Amber,Mr.Way and Mrs.Way I hope you get the message we sent you from class.And was it hard to watch your cat?You are probly having fun!:)I really really really miss you.:)I also hope you like this message.:):):):):):):)Sincerely,
    Anastasia gail Kersh

  58. Dear Tyler, Amber, Mrs. Way, and Mr. Way,
    Tyler, we miss you a lot. Your Lego collection is awesome. The places that you saw are really cool.
    We miss Mrs. Way! We hope that you are having fun! I hope that you stay safe and healthy (Esmonds says, “I hope you don’t catch the flu and the H1N1:)
    To the whole family, we hope you come back soon! We also hope that you see some more cool things! Have a reallly fun time! 🙂
    These sentences were created by the whole team…(we’ll work on formatting later in the year 🙂 We want to know when you will skype with us! Our Promethean Board is ready for you!!!!
    Miss Hunter’s Team
    P.S.- Email us sometime!!! We love reading about your adventures!!!
    Valerie asked me to include the date (good girl!)
    November 6, 2009

  59. Hi to the Ways – Kids are GREAT, but time goes way far too fast and soon they are on their own. So enjoy them, even if you have to deal with poo!! The trip to the zoo looks like everyone had a wonderful time. An interesting place for all!

    Want to let you know that Floyd finally got a turkey today.

    Take care and as I tell our Marine Corp. grandson – God is only a breath away. Love and miss you all. Floyd and Kathy

  60. Hello to the travelers; trust you are all doing well. The zoo trip looked like lots of fun!!!I see in the paper today, that your Gramdma passed away, So glad you got to tell her “good-bye” before you left. Your Dad is going to miss her. Trying to plan Thanksgiving dinner, but don’t have too much “heart” for it this year. Can’t imagine why?? Anyway we will do it one of the days near the real day, and maybe help at the dinner at church. Don’t really know yet. Love and miss you!!!Mom and Dad

  61. Move that bus! Move that bus! Angie, I want to see a picture of you behind that steering wheel. You can do it! I’m glad to hear everything is going great. Enjoy each day.


  62. The pictures are beautiful. The comments are so interesting, enjoy every moment. Live love laugh and treasure the memories. What a gift.
    Love Mom Price

  63. Angie – Don’t take Scott up on his deal. Floyd tells me that driving an RV is just like driving a car – phoof!!!! Looking forward to more from the Scott Way family and their travels. Love and prayers, Floyd and Kathy

  64. Hello my dear kids!!!!!! I loved the pictures of OLD FAITHFUL !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The video was wonderful too. The kids looked pretty impressed. Miss and love you all!!!!!!! The guy re-installed my web-cam, so haven’t had a chance to try it yet, but maybe it will work now. He will try to call me later tonight.

  65. It’s too bad we didn’t know until now just where you were. Idaho Falls is about 140 miles from where we stay in the summer and where Shannon and his family live. Yellowstone Park is our favorite place to visit (and work). We were at Grant Village in 2003. This summer I had a chance to fish in Slough Creek which is in the northeast corner of the park. If you’re still on the road in April or May next year come through Challis and I’ll give you a good deal on camping. See ya later, Denny and Nancy Spence

  66. I was at Yellowstone many years ago – It is such an amazing place!!!! Can you imagine what Jim Bridger ( the first white man to see that area) saw when he first came there?

    You have so many other places to see – enjoy every one of them. They are all God’s handiwork!!!

    Miss you all very much – I recived NO hugs ( from handsome young men ) yesterday. See you at Christmas time. Love and prayers, Floyd and Kathy

  67. first time on the site. it looks like you are all having a great time. glad everything is going smoothly for you all. this is so good for me so far, it helps me to be able to plan a trip of my own. god bless and take care.

  68. Floyd is jealous – Cabela’s is a second home to him. The first is the Home Depot!!! He loves both stores. We have been to the one in Dundee, MI. and just loved it!!!

    Enjoy your trip, but remember there are plenty of us who miss you very much!!!! Love and prayers, Floyd and Kathy.

  69. Just caught up on your adventures so far!! WOW 🙂 We especially liked the rattlesnake photos, Mt. Rushmore and your overnight photos of snow(I like viewing pictures of snow elsewhere instead of having the real thing yet!) Erin said her favorite part so far was Tyler’s movie about his recorder!
    Loved your scavenger hunt at Cabela’s-what an amazing “store”. Hope you are on your way soon….we are on “vacation” for a week too!
    Happy Halloween :))

  70. Hi to you all!!Sorry you are having to wait out the snow so long. It has rained here most all day. but is 64 degrees, so we have the front door open along with some windows!!Just finished cutting Dad’s hair, so he’s nearly bald again. No word from my web-cam guy yet, but Radio Shack said to call your cousin Allen C. which I may do if I don’t hear soon.Is the motorhome getting smaller by the day when you have to sit? At least you can get caught up on school work. Love and miss you all!!! Mom and Dad

  71. WAYs!

    You guys are rockin and rollin everyday. Keep it up. It’s amazing how everything looks soooooooooo fun. Ya’ll are AWESOME.

  72. Hi guys – It’s been fun following your trip West, but Wayne thinks you arrived in heaven!!! What a place to have to sit out some bad weather but the world headquarters of Cabela’s!!!! I’ve never been to one but hear they are amazing with so much to see – and to think you can make it a learning experience. Enjoy your time and we’ll be following you….

  73. Hi Way Family! I am so glad that you are having a great trip! You are experiencing so many wonderful things!!! Keep those videos and pictures coming…they are great!

  74. Hi Angie, Scott and kids, the adventure seems out of of this world, praise God for living out your dreams, so much to see, Dad and Ginny head out in the morning to start living out some of theirs 🙂 Love you all ! God Bless!

  75. Good morning to you all. Looks like there’s still lots of snow out there. Believe it or not, they predict near 60 here today!! Love your Mt. Rushmore pictures. That may be the only way iI get to see them. Love and miss you so much!!Hope to get my web-cam working soon!!!!!!!!!! Hugs for all, Mom and Dad

  76. You’ve already experienced so much and you’re just one week into your BIG ADVENTURE. Enyoy your day!

  77. No snow here yet! Hope you are having an awesome time– will check back for more exciting updates 🙂

  78. Yep, that last post was from me:)

  79. Going to Pond Hill Farm in a couple of days! Hope you remember us as you are cruising down the road to your next big adventure. Jonathan’s birthday is tomorrow. Wow how time flies! Enjoy your day!

  80. Nice to keep up with you ever day or two. Have a blessed
    trip watch to snow in the passes

  81. Hey Guys!! I am so excited to be able to read about your adventures. It seems great….Enjoy! Ellen, David and Amy oh, by the way, Amy has a new pony named “Angel”. Very cute.

  82. Hey Guys… sounds like fun. I really admire you because not only have you dreamed your dreams… you have set your sails.
    88 degrees here today and looking forward to having you all swing by here on the Southern Loop. Maybe a little boat trip to the Florida Keys will be educational for the little skulls full of mush onboard with you.

  83. Did that last entry say 64 and sunny? I am so happy for all of you! Amber…….aren’t you going to miss recess all winter in the middle school gym?

    Take Care!

    Karrie Gaffney

  84. Hey, guys….just checking in. So far, so good.

    We enjoyed having lunch with you and the kids on the way out of town….thanks for the updates.

    Don and Stacy

  85. Hi – Floyd thought the picture of the rattlesnake was GREAT – well, my idea of great and Floyd’s are completely different!!! Barney told me he would take over the Sunday morning hugs ( Scott usually does this) until you return. Kris (Barney’s) said next Sunday is out because they are going away for their anniversary. Any suggestions on who can do the hugging?

    Take care and enjoy all of God’s wonderful handiwork!!!

    Love and prayers, Floyd and Kathy

  86. Dear Ways – SO glad to hear from you. You have only been gone two days and we really miss you. I guess I will have to find someone else to give me my Sunday morning hug until you get back. Enjoy the handiwork of our Lord – see the highways and byways of this country which He has made. Keep in touch. Love and prayers, Fl;oyd and Kathy

  87. As far as truck stops go.. The Iowa 80 is one of the better ones.. I understand the roar of a diesel at 4am.. Why oh why do these guys do that to us? What is your next stop?

  88. How exciting this must be for each of you! I look forward to following your blog as you experience this journey together and share with us what you are doing, learning and how it is shaping you.

  89. Keep the messages and e-mails coming. We love staying connected. Had we taken this trip 5 years ago it couldn’t have been this good. We are on-line at all times. I am on the web and sending/receiving e-mails while driving down the road – I mean, while my driver is driving us down the road. Thank God for my trusty driver!

    A number of you have asked if we have seen the movie “RV.” The night after we told our children we were taking an RV trip we rented it. I’ll post of picture of Scott in his driver’s seat “office.” It isn’t a toilet seat in a public restroom (like the movie) but he certainly does stay connected. Keep watching!

    Take care,
    The Ways

  90. Hey guys,
    We miss you already. We are so happy for you. Hope you have a fantastic time. Can’t wait to hear about all you do. Have a super blessed time.

  91. hi guys have loads of fun do you guys G-mail. I can’t wait see you in Florida. We are so excited for you,

  92. If you haven’t seen the movie RV with Robin Williams, you should. It was really funny.

  93. Wow, you did it you are off. Can’t wait to read about your travels every morning. Enjoy, Enjoy, Enjoy!!!

  94. What an awesome thing to do with your family! I’m sure you’ll inspire others to do the same (me, for one). I’ll live vicariously for now, though.

    Bon Voyage,
    Kirstin (Jeanne’s second cousin)

  95. May your trip be blessed beyond belief.. May God guide the path ahead and keep you safe. Enjoy this time together and keep us posted along the way!!

  96. Hope you the best on your Concrete Voyage..


  97. Angie,
    I’m so excited for you. I’m really looking forward to reading your posts. I’ve been telling Eric we need to do this for a couple of years now. He works at home so there isn’t anything holding us back. I can’t wait to hear all about the exciting places you’ll get to visit. Thanks for sharing with us.
    Happy travels,

  98. It was so hard to see you drive off this morning – I am going to miss you terribly… BUT, I am so excited for you that you are able to do this – it will be a trip full of wonderful family memories. Have fun.. be safe… I love you all very, very much!!!!

  99. 13 hours 33 minutes until take off…are you packed yet? Enjoy your last night in a stationary home where you can flush, wash, and shower for as long as you like without having to worry about dumping anything 😉 I got my last hug from Tyler on our way into school this morning.

  100. Have a great trip best of luck.
    PS I’ll miss you Amber.

  101. After 2 years of planning what could go wrong? Nothing! Enjoy the adventure, we will all try hard to turn back to you a well maintained ship in 7 months.
    Kern River, Snoqualmie, and Needles CA….just a few sites to visit. Have fun!!!!

  102. Angie and Scott,

    It was great seeing both of you last night. What an exciting time! So many people dream, but are unwilling to take the risk to DO. What an adventure for you and your kids. I can’t wait to follow your journey…who knows, it may inspire me to get out of my “comfort” zone.

    I’ll be praying for your safe travel and dry roads:)

    Your friend,
    Cal Prins

  103. Over the top Ways!!!! The trip definitely sounds like a dream come true. I can’t believe your really going to be gone for 7 months! You will be thought of and prayed for daily. Enjoy every minute with those awesome babies, they really do grow up way too fast. Love you all, Cindy

  104. Inspiring (and well written)! We’d love to do something like that one day so we’ll live vicariously through your blog. Can’t wait to see what happens next.

  105. Angie – the blog is a great idea! I will be checking it often – that way I will know when to expect you at my house! Love you!

    Judi Shoberg (FB)

  106. I am so happy for all of you. What a great opportunity.
    Know that I will be praying for you daily. Have a wonderful time!!!
    I will be so happy to follow your journey day by day.
    Love to all
    Mom (Grandma Price)

  107. Enjoy!! The Horton’s will be following your WAY big adventure.. Lifting you up in prayer!

  108. I thought you were leaving next year! I hope you have a great time! I will miss you lots. Show the kids all that they may never see! Have a great time. We need to get together when you get back! We will be praying for safety and that you all have a great time!
    Love you lots!

  109. Dear Amber,

    Miss you like crazy!!! I got two new breyer horses they are both Morgans one of them is named Starlight and the foal is named pixie. they are super cute. If your missing school for this, you are SO lucky i am already loaded with homework and i started school last week on wednesday. Have fun!!!!


  110. Enjoy each moment of your journey!!! Thank you for sharing the Way Big Adventure with family and friends!

    The Thompson Family
    Jameson, Emily, Betsy, Don & Lorrie

  111. We are so excited for all of you, and very proud too, I must say!!!!!!!!What a wonderful adventure for your family. We WILL miss you very much, but looking forward to all the updates. Love ya so much Mom and Dad Way–Grandpa and Grandma

  112. What an awesome AWESOME adventure for you all. We will deff. miss seeing you at school every day but will enjoy following along and “The Way Big Adventure”. Good luck and many happy and safe travels.

    The Franks Family
    Ken, Stacy, Kenneth, Jenna, and Brant

  113. LOVE IT, LOVE IT, LOVE IT!!!!!

    Bet you guys are excited.

    Jim & Lisa

  114. May the big count down begin!!!!

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