Pikes Place Market

DSC01626Pikes Place Market is said to be the soul of Seattle and is known not only for its abundant local produce, but also its colorful personalities. It is our country’s oldest continuously operating farmers market.

DSC01651 One of the best known vendors in the market is Pikes Place Fish Co. Here, the fish flinging fishmongers are a long-standing tradition, a nd quite entertaining. This sea creature (near bottom) seemed to come to life because of the fish line (that you can’t see) and growl of the innocent looking character behind the counter.DSC01633

The Saturday breakfast tradition in our home is Strawberry Crepes. They are very time-consuming, but well worth the effort. My kids have been happy on this trip so far, that we haven’t broken tradition. We were thrilled to find a vendor specializing in this favorite treat of ours for a late afternoon snack… and it wasn’t even Saturday! Our “extra large pizza sized” crepe was made by a friendly young man that was covered with tattoos. Hilary asked if she could get away with bringing home a boy like that…”Mom, dad, he makes really good Crepes!”



Tyler thought these windows looked just like heaven!  I can’t say that I’d disagree!


Our last stop…dinner. I told the kids,“You may have anything you want!” We filled a bag to overflowing as we enjoyed a chat with the very personable, colorful characters that ran the produce stand.DSC01629DSC01649DSC01655

  Amber was being silly…she wasn’t the only one! Look closely!
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