I think this one speaks for itself!WARNING TO PARENTS: If you have any little boys between the age of 3 and 13, there could be long term effects of sharing these photos with them. Proceed at your own risk.

My Day at Legoland: By Tyler

When I went to Legoland I was amazed!!  There were things made out of Legos everywhere and they had lots ofDSC02377 rides. I went on my first big roller-coaster. My family had to talk me into it but it was really fun!  We went on another roller coaster called the Dragon. It was even bigger and it started out inside a castle. The “Dragon” that we were riding on was actually made out of giant legos. It was so much fun that we got off the ride and got right back in line to go again!

DSC02400Amber went on this ride that was like a giant robot arm. You could pick the level, and if you  watch this video, you will see that Amber was freaking out on this ride. That was only Level 3!

This video doesn’t exist

That was it pretty much…But look at this!


Huge cities, like San Francisco, New York, Washington DC, all Legos and they weren’t even building sets (that come in one box.) That was it, but man, it was worth it!!!

Here’s a gallery from my mom. She takes A LOT of pictures!!!!!!

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