Sonoran Desert & Phoenix

We said goodbye to California and headed east. We drove through the Sonoran Desert and all eyes were glued to the scenery.

I had no idea that cacti could grow so big! And YES, they are very prickly…just ask Scott!

We also saw a number of these…We were never suspected of being illegal aliens, and we decided against driving across the U.S./Mexican border. This big bus, our blue-eyed blondes…we might look like tourists, or targets.


After crossing into Arizona, we were looking forward to meeting up with Scott’s  cousin Bob and his family. We were so happy to arrive at their home in Chandler, just outside of Phoenix. We enjoyed a great southwestern dinner at “Abuelos” and the teen girls jumped up on his (Abuelos) lap… my girls loved spending time with another girl cousin! I guess you can never have too many!

After church on Sunday, lunch and many laughs, it was time to say goodbye, but we left Hilary there for the night to get in a little more “teenager time.” One of the things that we enjoy most about this trip is spending time with family and friends who live far away…

The Hittenbergers, Chad, Bob, Julie, and Heather

…and we always seem to leave wishing we lived closer!

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