It Really is a “Grand” Canyon…


By Amber:

DSC02717The Grand Canyon was amazingly beautiful with it’s snowy plateau’s and canyons. At first I was a little scared that I would fall off the edge because there was only a stone ledge or little railing to stop you from falling and it was a long way down! I still saw a lot from about four or five feet away from the edge.

Mom’s interjection: Amber is our resident safety patrol! She did not get very close to the edge. In fact, at first she stayed about 20’ away!



    • 50 people have died from falling off the edge from 1925-2008
    • The Grand Canyon was carved by the Colorado River. The sediments and rushing waters sliced down through it.
    • You can hike or ride mules down into the canyon.
    • There are Native Americans that still live in parts of the canyon. They have lived there for 100’s of years.


Doesn’t it look like my parents are standing in front of one of those fake screens?

It’s real!


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