A trip across the ocean and back in time…

We recently had dinner at the home of our new friends, Mahmoud and Alia Hadid. Mahmoud, is our landlord (fishing buddy, chef, and landscaper…from a previous post) and is an ex-patriot of the Middle East. He was born in Nazareth, spent much of his childhood in Greece, and then moved to Washington D.C. with his family during his teenage years. He speaks many languages, and travels abroad 6 times a year. As far as we are concerned he is a walking history book (he has lived it), which is great for my two daughters who are studying World History this year. His wife Alia is originally from Kuwait, where she lived until they married in 1992.

 After touDSC03457ring their home, the gardens and the grounds, it was time for dinner. Alia prepared a delicious Mediterranean meal for us, and their beautiful, eclectic home is mostly Italian Renaissance. They are both talented artists, and have an art and artifact collection that not only spans the globe, but also dates back to the time of Christ.










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Olivewood pot from Nazareth: (with some newer ones) for grinding grain, very much like the one Mary Magdelene would have used


    Grecian Pillars - Italian Renaissance painting

  Artemis: goddess of the sun

Alia's most recent piece  Mamoud's first piece, (hanging) a gift for his mother

Authentic piece of the Kiswa that covers the Kaa'ba in Mecca Artifacts, jewelry, weapons...that date back to the times of the Byzantine and Ottoman Empires - except for the bug


This is one of several prints in their home of Momoud’s great, great…grandfather (no kidding), Dhaher Al-Omar ruler of Syria during the 17th century.

Daher el-Omar is considered by many Arab nationalists as a pioneer of the Arab liberation from foreign occupation. He succeeded in creating an autonomous territory in the Galilee, helped by the governors of Mount Lebanon (the Vilayet of Tyre), Egypt, Russia, and to some extent the consuls of France.

He is also remembered in reference to his approach to minorities, showing tolerance towards and encouraging Jews and Christians.

                                                                                                                               Internet Source: Wikipedia

 In the mid-1700s, Dhaher al-Omar, an Arab native and ruler of the Galilee and Acre who was hostile toward Ottoman rule, rose to become the most dominant figure in northern Palestine.

                                                                                                                                                    Internet Source: Nablus Guide


By special request, I am including a picture of his new, reconditioned pride and joy, a 1973 Rolls Royce; Mahmoud is also a collector of automobiles!

Now back to the 21st century…and time to leave. As we said goodbye, our gracious friends gave each of our children gifts. Hilary, Amber and Tyler were so surprised, and so grateful! A place, a dinner, some friends that will not be forgotten, and a History lesson included!

Gifts... More gifts...

and more gifts.

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