Closer to home…

We have been looking forward to March since the day we settled into our Stuart house. March has been a month of visits from family which makes us feel a little closer to home. My sister Gerri, her husband Mick and their three kids Alyssa, Haley and Keegan were our first visitors.

DSC04147We were so thrilled to have them! With Mick’s culinary skills and gramdma’s talent, we ate extremely well! The teenage girls spent one night with grandma and then grandma spent a couple nights here so she wouldn’t miss out on any of the fun OR Mick’s Eggs Benedict. We had a great time swimming, sunning (with goose bumps much of the time) and playing games. In spite of our fun, we still managed to get our work done.


The following weekend, Scott’s parents joined us for a couple days…and our niece Kelly, her boyfriend Chris and their dog Cornelius, have spent a couple Sunday afternoons with us.


 DSC04240Hilary spent a day with Kelly at the school where she teaches Health and Chris teaches PE and coaches varsity Football. It was a great experience for Hilary to be a “minority” for the day, and she and Cornelius seem to have grown quite fond of each other.


With a little more family coming in March and three more families during Spring Break we will have had a good dose of home…just in time to head north.

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