Savannah, Charleston, Myrtle Beach…

As we travel up the coast, we are making some short stops at some beautiful, historical cities including Savannah, Georgia and Charleston, South Carolina. Both are incredibly charming!

Savannah  City Hall in Savannah

Savannah was once labeled “most beautiful city in America,” and we can see why. The town was designed on a grid with small squares to deter invaders, now those squares are parks, 25 in all, full of trees, flowers, fountains and statues…beautiful!

ChurchillsWe had a terrific Olde English meal at Churchills, and my nutty family provided me with some comic relief, both during dinner (I laughed until I cried!) and afterwards.

DSC04679  I think they were a little loopy from the long drive!


The Exchange overtop of Provost Dungeon in Charleston




After a stroll through town, we had  lunch on the water overlooking the Harbor where the first shots of the Civil War were fired. Not only could we see the history as we walked through these streets and alleys, but we could feel it underfoot as we tried not to trip on brick and cobblestone…I cannot imagine how they felt from the seat of a wooden carriage not so long ago!

Cobblestone StreetsCharlestonDSC04709 

I love the fact that the tallest structures in this town are the church steeples, and architecture in both of these southern cities is absolutely amazing! In one city block you can find examples of Colonial, Federal, Georgian, Greek, Italianate and Victorian styles.


After some fried green tomatoes and some local seafood, we headed north along the coast as far as Myrtle beach for the night.

With a good night’s sleep, the kids and I headed to breakfast, the beach, and a bookstore to give dad a couple hours to work…



Mr Foam Hands Sisters

…but by noon the five of us and Pepper the cat were loaded in the car headed north. Our east coast excursion will be much faster than the west coast was for us, with our grand finale being Washington D.C…and then home.

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