There’s Just Something About Annapolis

As we were driving up the east coast recently, I told Scott, “With all of the places we have been, I have yet to find a city that Ilike as much as Charlevoix.”


I think Annapolis is the city that could change that. While Savannah and Charleston were absolutely charming, there is a quaintness here, with 200 year old buildings, incredible history, downtown marinas, waterways for boating, and a Kilwin’s.

Capitol Annapolis


DSC04842Annapolis is the capital of Maryland, and for a short time, served as capital of the United States. The Maryland State House, is the oldest state capitol in continuous use. It is here that the Treaty of Paris was ratified in 1784, formally ending the Revolutionary War.

It was also here (in the room below) that General George Washington resigned his post as Commander in Chief of the Continental army.

(It is now that I will admit to you that while I am a teacher, I never liked nor remembered history that I read about it books…however, history that I can see captivates me!)


Author Thomas Fleming designates Washington’s resignation “the most important moment in American history.” He writes:

There is a Christmas story at the birth of this country that very few Americans know. As Commander in Chief of the Continental Army, Washington had become as much a chief executive as the United States then had…The man who could have dispersed this feckless Congress and obtained for himself and his soldiers rewards worthy of their courage was renouncing absolute power. By this visible, incontrovertible act, Washington did more to affirm America’s government of the people than a thousand declarations by legislatures and treatises by philosophers…The next day, after an overnight stop at a tavern, they rode at a steady pace toward Mount Vernon. Finally, as twilight shrouded the winter sky, the house came into view beside the Potomac River. Past bare trees and wintry fields the three horsemen trotted toward the white-pillared porch and the green shuttered windows, aglow with candlelight. Waiting for them at the door was Martha Washington and two grandchildren. It was Christmas eve. Ex-Gen. Washington–and the United States of America–had survived the perils of both war and peace.


DSC04846 DSC04847 DSC04848 

House Chamber

  Senate Chamber

       After our Capitol tour we took a stroll through town…




door3 door 2 door4


…and, of course, we ended our day with ice cream!

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