Grand Finale: Washington D.C.

What better place to end an amazing big adventure, and U.S. tour, than the capital of our country, Washington D.C.

Our day began with a drive into the city from Severna Park, landing at Union Station…

(scroll over photos for a description)

Union Station

...we could have spent a day here...Starbucks, and shopping. What more does a girl need?

 Union Station exterior

…and then, boarding a bus to tour the city, we stopped at a few museums, and a Smithsonian, or two, or three…

National Gallery of Art

 The Hope Diamond

Rembrandt's Self Portrait

National Gallery of Art

 National Museum of Natural History We watched the Tarantula feeding Spirit of St. Louis National Air and Space Museum  …and a few monuments, and memorials…

Jefferson Memorial

Washington Monument...and one great kid!


WWII Memorial

 WWII - Rosie's 


The view from the WWII Memorial

…and then the place that brought me to tears. Seeing this was a dream come true, as was our Way Big Adventure. Two dreams realized at one time…I blubbered!

Abe and me "having a moment"

Abe and our kids

Abraham Lincoln Memorial

…and then to the wall, and dad’s turn to cry.

Vietnam Memorial

“Every name you see here has a story.”


Vietnam Mem.

…and Arlington National Cemetery


Entering Arlington National Cemetery Arlington Arlington

…and finally, The White House.



About 37 years ago, Scott’s family took a family vacation to see our country’s capital, and we are proclaiming it a family tradition. We believe that every American (which includes you!) should see this place once in their lifetime. We have told our children they must bring their children here…and they must take a picture for us, something like this…

Doug Way family

 Doug Way family – April, 1973


  The Walk

                                        Scott Way family – April 15, 2010


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