Remember friends, we called this the Way Big Adventure, not the Way Big Tropical Vacation!


Our backyard - Tuesday 4pm

This is a super quick post. After we set up camp on what I consider a mountain in the northwestern corner of Nebraska, (Scott said, “No honey, these aren’t mountains yet!) I sat down to update our post… and discovered we had no internet. I have plenty of photos from our recent excursions, but those will have to be posted later. I think you might find these just as interesting.


Our backyard - Wednesday 8am


Amber is holding a ruler in the snow -- 8 inches!

As soon as Amber and Tyler woke up and looked outside they could hardly contain themselves. It was like Christmas!  Dad couldn’t get the “snow-clothes bin” out fast enough. They had a ball working on an igloo, and having a snowball fight while mom and dad packed up, sholved out, closed up, hooked up…needless to say we wDSC01153ere on a “school delay” this morning because of snow!



And, just like at home, they were ready for hot cocoa when they came in. Thanks so much aunt Jill for sending your homemade cocoa! How did you know?

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