Chimney Rock on the Oregon Trail by Tyler

Oregon! The very word gave them visions of paradise. Between 1840 and 1869, over 500,000 pioneers followed the Oregon trail. This 2000 mile trail went from Missouri to Oregon. Not everybody survived because of sickness, accidentally getting shot, or run over by their wagons. Their shoes got worn out easily from walking so much so they traded some of their things with the indians for new shoes.Chimny Rock

This is a picture of Chimney Rock. When Pioneers saw this, they were happy that their journey was 1/3 over but sad that this was a sign of the mountains ahead.


(Here is where Tyler ran out of writing steam but had more to say…)

We visited Chimney Rock.  It is in the shape of a chimney and very tall (over 300 feet). We were amazed!  We watched a video and saw real pictures and worked together to load up a wagon. We put in dried apples, lots and lots of flour, salt pork, lots of water, a piece of silver (for money), pots for cooking, silverware, one of those things a blacksmith uses – not a hammer (an anvil), coffee, molasses, a dresser, a cradle and some bed things.  There was no room for us in the wagon.DSC01120DSC01124

 PS (from mom) Chimney Rock was an important landmark during other journeys too, like the California Trail and the Mormon Trail.

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