Waiting out the storm in Sidney…

Yesterday we traveled a few hundred miles south from the northwestern corner of Nebraska and hunkered down to wait out the winter storm. Shortly after we arrived we learned that interstate 80 heading into Wyoming was going to be closed. Our RV park started filling up, the truck parking filled up, the truck stop filled up, Wal-Mart parking lot filled up…there are semi’s everywhere. We will be here until at least Friday. Thankfully, we are not on a strict time schedule and waiting for us means finding something constructive to do with our time…

We found refuge at Cabela’s world headquarters. Because we are not experienced outdoorsmen or campers (we just pretend to be them on this trip) we didn’t know what we were in for… What an amazing place! There is not only a huge Cabela’s store, but an RV park, corrals for your horses, conference rooms, a deli, a fudge store… The store itself has hundreds of animals inside. It is quite a sight! And with hot showers 10 steps away, laundry, cable and internet for $17.00 a night, it is the right price too!Cabela's We sent the kids on a scavenger hunt in the massive store the first night and the employees were even helpful; they steered Tyler right to the rattlesnake boots he was searching for. Today they asked if we could do another one…hmm…sounds like science class to me! Their job was to classify all the animals they could in the given time frame (mammals, reptiles, fish, amphibians, and birds). They loved it!

If the video is “choppy,” let it play completely through one time (it is downloading the first time) and replay it.

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