Mount Rushmore by Amber


Yesterday, my family and I went to Mount Rushmore in the black hills of South Dakota. It was an amazing sight with the lights, flags and the detail. We first visited during the daylight, but after dinner, we went back to take more pictures of the amazing monument while it was all lit up.

 Here are some facts about Mount Rushmore:

-It was carved in granite.

-The faces are George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, Abraham Lincoln, and Theodore    Roosevelt.

-It took 360 people to make the monument.

DSC01136-Here is how the faces were chosen; Washington standing for independence; Jefferson for democracy; Lincoln for equality; and Roosevelt for his role in world affairs .

– The sculptor was Gutzon Borglum.

– To make the faces they first used dynamite, then something called honeycombing, and then the granite was smoothed.

– They had to do one face at a time. President Jefferson’s face originally was on the other side of Washington, but after two years of work the granite was cracked, and had to be blasted off. They started again on the left side of Washington.

Mount Rusmore at night


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