The Pacific Ocean

Pacific Ocean

After a few hours of school and work for Scott, it was time for a short drive to the airport to pick up Hilary. We were all very happy to be reunited! After many hugs and loading the car we were off to cross over the bridge into the state of Washington. Our drive today was not too long, leaving time for a late afternoon adventure. It wDSC01471as raining at our new campsite, but sunny to the west, so we decided to head to the ocean. I asked the kids what they thought it might look like. Amber said “The ocean mom, we’ve seen one before.” Tyler was a little worried before we got there. “Are there going to be sharks?”  “No son, no sharks…” Little did I know!

While we did not see a glorious sunset, it was still  beautiful. The clouds gave everything a silver-blue cast. The fine black sand and huge sections of driftwood were not at all what they were expecting, and something they won’t soon forget.

Tyler is getting good at impromptu videos… I love these. There is no coaching, just Ty guy and his amazing brain…and love for being an entertainer!


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