A Rainforest in the USA?


The Olympic  Peninsula is in the Northwest corner of Washington State, which is rightfully nicknamed the evergreeen state. This region is quite unique, in that it contains five major landscape settings: temperate rain forest, rugged mountain terrain, large lowland lakes, cascading rivers and saltwater beaches.  DSC01513

 We spent a very rainy aftenoon driving through the Quinlault Rainforest, inside the Olympic National Forest.  For all of you Twilight fans, this is the peninsula is where the town of Forks is located. We drove through these dense woods expecting to see Edward Cullen around every bend. The evergreens are amazingly tall, the woods incredibly dense and mossy, the slopes very steep, and all of it is lush, green and (well, it’s a rainforest) very wet. DSC01501

This is one of two huge waterfalls that we saw, along with many little ones. This water comes completely from rain run-off, unlike the next one that comes from a lake up in the mountains.  After the second waterfall we were completely drenched from the pouring rain and mist from the falls, and my camera lens had so much moisture inside, I couldn’t take any more photos. That was not upsetting to our driver, who was incredibly patient with the three female photo snappers in the vehicle. “Stop dad!” “Back up!” “I’ve got to get a picture!” “Oh my  gosh!” “Look at that.” “Oh, oh, oh!” Although inside the car it was quite comical, outside it was amazingly beautiful!




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