WAY Big Adventure Part II

In the early morning hours of New Year’s Day we departed for the second leg of our adventure. After a wonderful Christmas, a birthday for Scott (49), many hugs, much laughter and some tears, it was time to go. Packing this time seemed easier. I think we have gotten pretty good at it. We exchanged our ski helmets (which were never used on the first part of our trip) and snow-pants for pool toys, and sunblock. And as you can see, Pepper wanted to be sure he wasn’t going to be left behind…


We will still homeschool each day and plan to see as much of state of Florida as we can. Scott will work M-F from his remote office and plans to fly home a few times to check in.

As good as it felt to be at home, sleep in our own beds, and have lots of space, I must admit that the sight of the RV pulling into the drive garnered a few squeals of excitement. We have loaded it this time, keeping in mind that we will be unloading it when we get to our rental house in Stuart, Florida…I am so looking forward to staying in one place for a while.

So for now, in spite of the icicles hanging off the front…


“The wheels on this bus go round and round…”

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