Never Say Never…

OK friends, here it is! If you have been following us for a while you might remember a conversation Scott and I had one morning. After working on the blog for half of the night I was completely convinced that the time had come for my husband to learn how to update it.  He was, after all, being a little pushy…

“Have you updated the blog yet?”

“How long has it been?”

“Twenty four whole hours?”

So, silly me, I told him I really felt it was time that he learned to do it.

His response… “I’ll let you teach me to blog right after I teach you how to drive!”

OK. Case closed!

But after a number of requests, and realizing that our RV life is nearing the end…we caved. Here’s proof…


                                   And YES, we really are moving!


Hmmm…do you see that smile? An experienced blogger might smile after they have spent days, weeks, months learning the ropes and possibly have updated to the new Windows 7 with the Windows Live Writer software…BUT a new blogger does not look or sound happy…He’s probably on Google Earth again!

Be patient friends, this lesson could take a few days…


I-65 southbound, 27 degrees, and getting 7.1 mpg, all is well.

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