Smells Like Florida!

It is amazing how a smell can bring back memories. My kids will often say after a summer rain, “It smells like Florida!” And as Hilary and I got out of the car very late Saturday night (the RV and the rest of our crew was not too far behind) the first thing we did was inhale, look at each other, and smile. It not only smelled like Florida, it was Florida; Nettles Island, a place that holds great memories for all of us, and my mom’s winter home.


Nettles is a man-made,100 acre square island with 1578 homes. It is flanked by the intra-coastal waterway and the ocean. If your idea of retirement is someplace secluded, this is not the place for you. There are two pools, tennis courts, a hopping clubhouse, game room, bocce courts, shuffleboard, restaurants, post office, marina (Scott likes that), and during Spring Break, plenty of grandkids.


Weary from two very long days of driving, Scott found a spot to park the RV and we all crashed at our friend Betsy’s house. We will be temporarily housed here until our rental is available on the 9th, when we will move just 6 miles south, on the mainland.

Nettles RV

Of course, Scott would have preferred to pull into a slip, and tie up to the dock…

With the RV in storage nearby, a day to rest, and a couple of Grandma’s great meals, we are now back to school, and back to business…


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