Fresh Catch…

After moving into our winter home, the kids and I busied ourselves with a full week of school, and Scott, not having to drive us anywhere, spent longer days in his new home office. We did however, find time to enjoy some fresh air once in a while…and this weekend gave us a chance to relax, explore the area even more, and have some fun.


Morning walk…


Rush hour on the dock…



…and a fresh catch for lunch.

Our landlord, Mahmoud, came by to take care of some landscaping with his workers, Jonathan from Guatamala and Ramon from Cancun. “These two,” he explained, “know fishing.”  It didn’t take long to have a dock full of boys and men, ready with sling nets for bait, and a surprise catch (Sheephead) already in the pot.


Mahmoud, who truly lives in the moment asked, “May I clean and cook for you now?”

“Of course!”


Less than 20 minutes, from river, to pan, to taste buds. The freshest we have had yet, and delicious too!


Mahmoud is more than a landlord, but our new friend, landscaper, fisherman and chef!

Stay tuned for a story of more new friends coming soon…


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