Tyler’s announcement; “I never want to leave!”

If you know us or have followed us for long you might have noticed that our Tyler (age 8 ) is a pretty deep thinker with the vocabulary of a college student. Every single day he surprises us with something new and sometimes, (true confession here, and yes, I do have a master’s in education) I have to leave the room to go look a word up.

After discovering that we not only had neighbors, but that two of them were boys (brothers) ages 8 and 10, Tyler couldn’t wait to meet them. The “boy radar” must have been out, because on Saturday morning into our driveway rode Tanner and Garrett on bikes. The boys rang the doorbell and Tyler opened the door and greeted them with, “Come on in guys. Let’s play!” The polite boys hesitated slightly and asked, “Shouldn’t we introduce ourselves first?”

…boys, neighbors, boys, real boys, not girls…

Our poor son. He has spent a great amount of time pouring himself into books, Legos and video games to escape a girl world. He has only sisters and more girl cousins in Charlevoix and girl friends (I separated that on purpose) than he can count on all his little fingers and toes. He has some boy friends too, but the poor child goes to school in Petoskey, so play-dates with boys are few and far between.

3 Boys Fishing

…you can fill in the rest from there.  Tyler is having a ball and learning to fish from two (young) master fisherman. Oh, and the “never want to leave” part, that would come right after he asked me at the dinner table Saturday night, “Mom, is there a chance that you might have a late pregnancy?”

“No, son. I’m sorry. But I think I know why you are asking. You want a brother, don’t you.”

“Yep. But if I can’t have a brother, then I never want to leave!”


Tyler’s fishing post coming soon…

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