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Amber’s Video – Way Big Adventure & Steer Roping
November 30, 2009

She’s been working on this for quite some time! As we said goodbye to Mr. Roen at the Steer Roping competition (you’ll see it at the end) she asked if we could please just leave her there and pick her up in a week. Amber especially loved our time at the ranch!

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November 27, 2009


Kim & Erik

We were all sad to say goodbye to the Roen family, but are taking with us  many wonderful memories. We  have been blessed by Erik, Kim and their boys. Their generosity and willingness to allow us to be part of their family is something we will never forget! These are a few of my favorites…  

My cowboy

Only at E. Roen Ranch will you find "branded" crepes!

Amber and Jesse at their post

Brian Kim & Eron

Real California Beef!

Sara Dog & Tyler sharing a moment

Brian & Kim

November 26, 2009

We thank God for each other, our health, this time that we have together, our families and friends that we hold so dear in our hearts and His abundant grace…

Thanks to Hilary, here is a peek into our last few days on the ranch…

Doctoring a Calf
November 23, 2009

After church and a quick bite to eat, Amber and Erik set out on horseback to find a sick calf. With Sara the cattle dog, and a four wheeler for the photographer, we set off to find that particular herd. I honestly don’t know who was more excited to go out and work again, Amber or Sarah.

Amber, Jesse and I hung back as Sara took off to separate the mother and calf from the herd, and then isolate the sick calf, with Erik and Bett

y just behind.  It was very exciting to see each one of them in action! So exciting that I let my camera slip down for a moment (you’ll catch it) but I still got most of the action.


Erik prepared the calf by tying its feet, and getting the syringe in place… and Amber got to administer the medication!

“Mom, normally I would have been worried about hurting the calf (by giving it a shot) but knowing that it was sick, and that I was helping to make it better made me feel really good.”

I believe this is evidence that Amber is now an official “COW GIRL!”….notice her left hand is still holding her horse.

After checking on one more herd a few hills over, we were ready to head back.  Sara’s work was finished so she jumped on the four-wheeler with me for the ride back…and while you don’t often see pictures of the photographer, I wasn’t given a choice on this one. I’m only including it because many of you who know me well, know that I have a love for learning, and I think there are lessons to be learned each and everyday… The lesson I learned on this day; if you plan to take pictures standing atop a four wheeler on a downhill slope, don’t forget to use your parking brake!

A Glimpse of Life on the Ranch
November 22, 2009

We are spending some time with friends, Erik and Kim Roen and their boys, Eron and Brian on their cattle ranch

in Knights Ferry California.

Heading out on four-wheelers and horseback to check on the cattle.

Tyler and Sara the cattle dog. Tyler said “Mom, I kind of thought this was going to be boring but this is totally awesome!” Tyler loves that fact that there are boys here!


Erik keeping an eye on the coyote that is eyeing his cattle.


… more to come!

San Francisco
November 19, 2009

While we did not originally plan to spend time in downtown San Francisco, we decided we were too close to the Golden Gate not to see it.  We all really enjoyed our drive through town, the bay area,  seeing the steep slopes that surround the town, and the cable cars invented to haul people up and down those steep slopes that was safer than the horse drawn trams of 1873. 

“The Rock” or Alcatraz Island, sits like a gem in the San Francisco Bay. Many tourists travel by ferry to tour the once maximum security federal prison that housed many famous criminals including Al Capone.

And…after feeling like we were in a parade while driving down Lombard street a.k.a “the crookedest street in the world,” we got out and joined the picture snapping tourists at the bottom.

 I was waiting for Eric Estrada to turn around and flash me his bright smile…I guess Ponch and Jon were just too busy!

The kids and I loved seeing China town. It was incredibly crowded, with open markets lining both sides of the street for many blocks and people everywhere…but this (above) was my favorite photo.

 I think I know just how these residents feel. Here’s proof: that is 10 pairs of blue jeans in a space that most people use for showering. Ours is used for drying and for kitties to take care of business.

We saw a couple of street performers, but this one was our favorite! The girl on the left, although she sounded like a duck, was incredibly talented!

I think the kids would agree that they had the most fun at Pier 39 downtown. While San Francisco is a major shipping port for the U.S., this pier is more like a nice outdoor mall. The sea lions of the bay area prefer this pier too.  We saw hundreds of them basking on the docks at the end of the pier…that was when I discovered my camera battery was depleted. Sorry no photo.

November 18, 2009

Helvetia, Oregon: We spent a few extra hours looking for a place to park the RV, so we could drive by this "Little" place with the car. Good thing we did. There was a 10'10" bridge just a mile before. I treated my driver (and kids) to dinner afterward, which is a rare treat on this adventure. It was the least I could do!

Hwy 101 California: Nice sign.
Boats 2

Sunrise on the fishing docks.


Breakfast stop: Amber, video camera in hand, watching the seals frolick in the harbor. Real videographers don't care if they are in their jammies!


Crescent City, California: Crab Pots

Eureka, California: Avenue of the Giants

Giant Sequoia

Sunset on the Pacific
                          AND oh, so much more to come…

The Giant Sequioas of the Redwood National Forest
November 16, 2009

Pikes Place Market
November 14, 2009

DSC01626Pikes Place Market is said to be the soul of Seattle and is known not only for its abundant local produce, but also its colorful personalities. It is our country’s oldest continuously operating farmers market.

DSC01651 One of the best known vendors in the market is Pikes Place Fish Co. Here, the fish flinging fishmongers are a long-standing tradition, a nd quite entertaining. This sea creature (near bottom) seemed to come to life because of the fish line (that you can’t see) and growl of the innocent looking character behind the counter.DSC01633

The Saturday breakfast tradition in our home is Strawberry Crepes. They are very time-consuming, but well worth the effort. My kids have been happy on this trip so far, that we haven’t broken tradition. We were thrilled to find a vendor specializing in this favorite treat of ours for a late afternoon snack… and it wasn’t even Saturday! Our “extra large pizza sized” crepe was made by a friendly young man that was covered with tattoos. Hilary asked if she could get away with bringing home a boy like that…”Mom, dad, he makes really good Crepes!”



Tyler thought these windows looked just like heaven!  I can’t say that I’d disagree!


Our last stop…dinner. I told the kids,“You may have anything you want!” We filled a bag to overflowing as we enjoyed a chat with the very personable, colorful characters that ran the produce stand.DSC01629DSC01649DSC01655

  Amber was being silly…she wasn’t the only one! Look closely!

Speechless in Seattle
November 13, 2009

We were feeling quite fond of a particular uncle when we arrived!

We were feeling quite fond of a particular uncle when we arrived!

…well, I’m rarely speechless, but I will try to let the pictures do the talking.

DSC01584 DSC01586 DSC01593

And a trip to Seattle is not complete without a mocha from it’s signature coffee house…DSC01647

…and a museum, or two, or as many as we can fit into one day…

DSC01600 DSC01606 DSC01607 DSC01617 DSC01594 DSC01595

…and finally a trip to the world famous Pikes Place Market, which deserves a post of it’s own.
To be continued…