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Tan Your Toes in the Abacos
March 3, 2010

DSC03919Just 250 miles east of Florida’s treasure coast lies a group of Bahamian islands called the Abacos. This group of cays or keys (small, low-elevation, sandy islands formed on the surface of coral reefs) boasts 130 miles of, bays, beaches and secluded inlets, and was the perfect backdrop for our friends, David and Kelly’s destination wedding. Had we been in Michigan, we would have bid them farewell, but since we were less than 1 hour away (by plane), Scott, Hilary and I, were happy to join them, along with some of their family and other friends in Hope Town.


We landed in Marsh Harbour, jumped in a taxi, and then onto a Ferry to get us to Hope Town on Elbow Cay. We were greeted by the red and white candy striped lighthouse that majestically looks out over the islands, the pastel houses of the New England-style village, many friendly locals, and the bride and groom.



Government building:The signs just over the doors read “Post Office, Commissioner, Police.” In the basement, we were told, is the one jail cell that is rarely used.


DSC04068 DSC04072

DSC03960  DSC04032

DSC04078 Coral Reef Houe

 Rather than numbers, the houses here have names…

DSC04050…and the beaches are absolutely breathtaking! 




There are coral reefs in abundance to explore that you can get to by boat, as Hilary did with our friends Andrea, David and Laura…

DSC03956 DSC03959

…or just steps off the beach, as Scott and I enjoyed.


While Scott has always enjoyed snorkling, it was my first time, and I discovered, there just is not a glamorous way to do it! Here we are “backing out” towards the reef. After I figured out how to breathe,  and my heart, and nerves settled…it was amazing!


…and then I broke the snorkle clip…ugh!


The wedding was beautiful…

DSC03989  DSC04025




…as was the sunrise each day!

…and finally, we spent a very lazy Sunday (from sun-up to sun-down) on the beach with our toes in the powder soft sand, reading, walking, playing, swimming, snorkeling and soaking in the weather we hope to have in Florida very soon!

DSC03945 DSC04107